05 January 2011

Diet (un)friendly

WHY do I keep reading Bakerella?! Every time I do I come across something I want to make and then consume. Just look at those Hi Hat Cupcakes! Chocolate cake topped with chocolate-encrusted marshmallow. *Drool*.

If that trip to the Dominican Republic weren't looming quite so closely, I don't think I could stop myself from making these and then inhaling them all. I just keep thinking of all the variations I could do with these. The marshmallow could be left undipped. Candy Melts would be excellent for these tasties - imagine them topped in blue or pink or red! Or dark chocolate with red sprinkles? Wow I am giving myself a hernia.

Oh, and btw - Bingo night; don't remember what I started the day eating, but ended it with (delicious!) calamari, Blue Moons, and those ever exciting cocktails! And, we didn't win. Not a thing.

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