02 January 2011

The Perfect (Mini) Pizza

I have been using this recipe for a while now, and every time I bake these mini pizzas, they're a hit. It's hard to find a diet friendly pizza, so I thought I'd share it with world!

- 3/4 cup warm water
- one packet of active yeast
- one cup whole wheat flour
- one cup white flour

- Add the yeast to the water and let sit for five minutes. Add olive oil.
- In food processor combine the whole wheat and white flour. Add yeast mixture to flour mixture. Process for about five minutes, until dough forms a ball.
- Spray a medium size bowl with nonstick fat free cooking spray. Put pizza dough in the bowl, and spray top of dough with cooking spray. Cover loosely with saran wrap.
- Let rise in a sunny spot for at least an hour, but preferably several hours.
- Break into five or six pieces and, on a lightly floured surface, stretch each piece to about five inches. Transfer to a cornmeal covered cookie sheet.
- Cover with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and lots of veggies!
- Bake at 400 degrees for fifteen minutes.

Get creative! I like a pear and goat cheese pizza. Or fresh basil and fresh mozzarella.

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