01 January 2011

My Mother is Making Me Fat

She is driving me crazy - absolutely crazy - about blogging. She made me create this blog so she would in fact have someone following her. And since I am on a weight loss journey, I finally acquiesced. So go look at her Blog, so she'll leave me alone about not having any comments or followers. Stitching by the Sea

I am, and have been on Weight Watchers (on and off anyway) for about ten years. Honestly, most of that time was spent off Weight Watchers, but all well. I have been through two pregnancies, lost a child, and separated from a husband within the last five years, so my weight has been a bit of a yoyo, to say the least.

At my heaviest, (about five or six months ago) I was 40 pounds more than I weigh now. I rejoined WW after I lost the first 20, and have lost and additional twenty pounds and ten percent. I still have thirty or so more to go!

I am spending February in the Dominican Republic so my daughter can get to know her father's family better. I hope to have my arms less like Jello and more like steel by the time I get there. Bathing suit here I come...ready or not!

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